• ST-EB Handmade Luxury Shaped Saddlecloth


    Made in Germany   

    Available in white only...


    Climate system
    Processed with velveteen, st-eb saddle-pieces cling to the back of the horse and, thanks to natural materials, offer maximum breathability and skin compatibility. Sweat, grease and dirt particles are absorbed by the velvet and the horse is thus protected from irritation and pimples. The fine velvet prevents hair breakage and relaxes the back

    The st-eb classic.

    Supports the transfer of assistance very well and cushions no more than necessary. Horses without back problems are well protected even at peak loads.

    As with all st-eb valances: comfortable saddle without stripping, anatomical back line for normal, high or low withers, and best comfort thanks to st-eb Clima system.

    Carefree washing at 40 ° to 60 °, suitable for tumble drying.

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      Color: white